beijing sensual massage

beijing sensual massage

beijing sensual massage is an intimate art, an ancient practice which is great for old and young alike. Sensual massage combines the physical with the spiritual, it is a fusion of environment, preparation and pressure points. It is as much about how to touch as it is about where to touch.
This beijing massage can be performed by anyone, with a little practice, and it is proven to improve intimacy, trust and relationships.
sensual massage in beijing is the ultimate stress reliever. Your partner will feel relaxed throughout the experience. Sensual massage tickles the senses, it shows the recipient the promises of unbridled passion if ever it is unleashed.
Although it holds back to emphasize the emotional over the physical, it can promote heightened sensuality, which can lead to less inhibitions during lovemaking.
sensual massage is the perfect mood-setter for romantic encounters.
Sensual Massage Preparation
The temperature in the room needs to be comfortable; it is better to have the room too warm than too cool.
Turn down the lights and use several candles throughout the room.
Sensual lingerie is always an eye-pleaser, so use it.
Put on a CD with gentle, relaxing, romantic music.
Floral fragrances like jasmine, vanilla, rose, strawberry, raspberry are considered aphrodisiacs, so use scented candles, scented massage oils, or incense sticks.
Your hands should be warm. Rub oil in the palms of your hands to warm them up before they touch your partner’s skin.
The Massage
Start out by lightly stroking your partner’s body with the tips of your fingers (start on your partner’s back).
Move from one area of the body to another covering shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks.
When your partner is completely relaxed, begin the sensual massage by making long, gliding strokes over your partner’s body.
When you’ve covered the shoulders, arms, thighs, calves and buttocks, switch from long gliding strokes to short deep strokes.
For the deep strokes you need to lightly use your body weight rather than your arm strength, but be gentle.
When you think the time is right, begin working your way very slowly down your partner’s legs gliding your hands as you go. Tease your partner by stroking their inner thigh.
When the sensual massage in beijing energy has had time to build, continue the massage with more strokes to the front of the body. Then, … well, you can take it from there!
You Can Also Give Her A Sensual Bath
Simply fill the tub with warm water and bubbles, blindfold her and put her in the bath. You have the option of getting in with her, but you will likely have more freedom to maneuver and focus on the task if you stay out. sensual massage in beijing.




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