beijing hot massage

beijing hot massage

beijing hot massage is a great massage
hot massage-hot stone massage is a massage therapy style that uses in which seasoned and heated stones are placed at specific locations on the body to promote relaxation and to help open up the merdians (energy pathways).
Basalt stones are the most common stones for a hot massage, but other types of stones can also be used.
If you want to give a hot massage, first you can hunt for your own stones in a riverbed or buy them from a beijing massage supply company.
Get smooth stones of various sizes, with no sharp corners or rough spots.

Before the hot stone massage in beijing, you you have to season the stones. Basically, you just coat them in oil — massage oil or baby oil. Lavender is an essential oil used to promote relaxation and it’s perfect for a hot stone massage.
Next, heat the stones by placing them in a roasting pan, covered with water. Heat the water and when the stones are warm, remove them from the water with tongs and dry them off with a towel.

If the stones are too warm, you can lay a sheet or towel between the person’s skin and the hot stones.
Place the stones carefully on the back of the person receiving a hot stone massage. Put the larger stones on the areas with larger muscles.

The placing of the stones can be followed by a massage which can be deeper and more intense as heat penetrates the body and relaxes the muscles.

Benefits of hot massage

Promotes deep muscle relaxation
Relieves stress
Releases toxins
Alleviates pain
Improves circulation
Indulge yourself, get a nice hot massage!


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