• beijing japanese massage

    beijing japanese massage

    japanese massage in beijing, In the western world, the massage technique known as shiatsu has come to be known by many names. Some of these names are barefoot shiatsu, namikoshi shiatsu, oha shiatsu, shiatsu-do, macrobiotic shiatsu and Zen shiatsu. However, most of the forms shiatsu has taken in the western world only use the basic principles that make up what the original shiatsu is, and are at times radically different. Shiatsu is a beijing japanese massage technique that literally means “finger pressure”: the word “shi” means “finger” while “atsu” means pressure. It is a massage technique that has been existence for over 2,000 years, and is actually a derivative of the ancient Chinese massaging and healing method of acupressure. Just like acupressure – and acupuncture – it is believed in the practice of shiatsu that the body consists of 14 meridians, which each meridian corresponding to a major organ of…

    japanese massage July 7, 2019

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