China’s eco-city to introduce full-coverage 5G network

China's eco-city to introduce full-coverage 5G networkTIANJIN – China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, a cooperative program between the two countries, will achieve full 5G network coverage by the end of this year, said the city’s management bureau Tuesday.

The eco-city, located in northern China’s Tianjin municipality, signed a cooperative agreement with Chinese telecom giant China Mobile Tuesday to jointly build a 5G-based data platform, Internet of things and infrastructure.

China Mobile’s Tianjin branch will increase 5G base stations in the city including the construction of macro and micro base stations.

The two parties will enhance the application of 5G technology in more areas such as autonomous driving, drones, public transport service, GPS service, energy and medical services.

Located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, the eco-city is designed to be a demonstration zone of green development.

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